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Rob Winterbourne
Clerk to Willington Parish Council
1, Lilac Close

01829 751266

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The Clerk

The clerk is always an employee of the Council and is the “proper officer” appointed by the Council to carry out its statutory duties (Local Government Act 1972 Section 112). As such the clerk is totally responsible for ensuring that the instructions of the Council are carried out. The role is advisory and covers the provision of administrative support. The clerk does not have a vote on the Council. The main responsibilities are to ensure that the Council acts within the law, to advise and assist in the formation of policy, to implement policy, the effective management of all its resources, maintenance of payroll records, to attend to electors, to deal with correspondence addressed to the Council, and to oversee any other Council employees. The clerk is responsible for maintaining the financial records, and as the proper officer (under the Local Government Act 1972 section 151) is also known as the Responsible Financial Officer. The Clerk is responsible for the agenda for all meetings, the preparation and putting up of notices, and will normally take the minutes.